Conservative. Business Owner. Outsider.


Wes Lambert for U.S. Congress


I am running for Congress because I believe we need a conservative, business outsider to manage our government in order to actually get the results and opportunities we are looking for. When all we have to choose from are career politicians who are looking for a promotion, it is time to raise our expectations. We keep sending politicians to DC and all we get as a result is a new layer of oversight. I don’t like my choices and I am not the guy that will just sit back and watch things happen.

I hold myself to a very high standard and that’s what I expect of others. When I consider the common goals of this district, and the business decisions that need to be made to blaze the trail, I know I can make that happen because I do it every day. Yes, there are other businessmen in this race, but their approach is all politics. It is all the same sound byte and I’ve decided it is time for something different. It is time for me to stand up and make a difference.


Conservative Champion - I am a lifelong Republican. I am pro-life, I will stand strong for the Second Amendment and I believe that conservative principles, fiscal discipline and personal responsibility are what create the most opportunity for all citizens.

When Trump entered the race for President, I paid attention and I supported him from the start. As a fellow conservative, business outsider I will focus on the bottom-line decisions that create the greatest return for our district.


On the Economy – As a business owner, I know that profitability is achieved by operating within a budget, cutting waste and improving practices that create efficiency. This is how we need our government to operate. In business, there are plenty of hoops to jump through as regulations change and expand. It is not just the policies, but the practices of politicians seeking to protect their career that slows down the process. Our politicians promise to make things easier, yet all we see are committees and excuses. As an outsider, the difference between Trump’s business approach and what has become the standard political approach is perfectly clear. I will make business decisions to get results for our district.


On Healthcare – It is unbelievable to me that my premium bills look the same as my mortgage bill and yet the level of coverage I have available to me and my family is reduced each year. As an employer, it is a significant challenge to offer benefits to employees that not only gives them what they need but doesn’t take away from my ability to offer fair and competitive salaries. Obamacare is not working, that seems to be something that almost everyone can agree to, yet we are still without a solution. We have got to reduce the burden of bureaucracy and open up a marketplace for effective competition. It is time to restore power to patients and healthcare providers for common sense solutions.


On Immigration – It affects our economy, our healthcare system and our national security and we need to build the wall. If elected to Congress, I will have the President’s back on this issue.


On Leadership - I believe that government should be run like a business, by someone who understands bottom-line decisions and common sense. Politicians have over-complicated the system for their personal gain and then they over-simplify their explanations so they can get re-elected. I will always be honest with the good, the bad and the ugly. I have no intention to make this my career, and that is why I strongly support term-limits. I will bring only the most relevant things to the table and work hard to get to the bottom line.


Alabama’s First District - When I think about who we are and what makes our gulf coast community stronger, that is what really drives me to stand up and protect our best interests. Whether it is our agriculture or seafood industries, our port and shipping business, the infrastructure and transportation that improve our way of life or our thriving hospitality and tourism that attracts jobs and citizens to our area, these are the priorities I will carry with me as my focus in Washington. I am proud to have the opportunity to lead, support and preserve our local quality of life.


“It is time to get to the root of the problems. We deserve decisive action, momentum and a sense of urgency to drive results, and that is the way I am wired. I know I can make positive changes in the way decisions are made and I look forward to earning your vote to be your next U.S. Congressman.”