Entrepreneur businessman Wes Lambert has announced his candidacy for Alabama’s First District House of Representatives seat. 

Wes has decided to run for Congress because he believes that he can make a difference in Washington DC and Southwest Alabama. The values that have been taught to him from his parents, grandparents, and his peers have gone a long way in shaping who he is today. Wes’ business strategies over time make him a great candidate for future business growth in Southwest Alabama. Wes grew up in the transportation industry and with that background can be a true asset going forward as we are looking to improve infrastructure and roads both in Alabama as well as America.

Lambert intends to run as a Strong on Families Conservative Businessman to fill the seat vacated by Representative Bradley Byrne.

Lambert’s campaign will focus on issues important to Southwest Alabamians, the economy, family values, healthcare and letting people make decisions based on local needs.

Wes Lambert is a business owner an entrepreneur with multiple businesses in Southwest Alabama. Lambert grew up in Mobile, Alabama and is a graduate of UMS-Wright Preparatory School. He graduated with a degree in business from the University of South Alabama.  He is pro-life and is a member of the Jubilee Baptist Church in Daphne, Alabama.


“We learn values from our families on how to make the right choices. Families should make decisions about health care, their child’s education and how their hard earned dollars are spent. Great governments work from the ground up, not the top down.”

“Alabamians deserve a government that makes the economy work for them, with abundant highly skilled and well-paying jobs. The way to get there is to keep businesses free of needless and punishing governmental regulations. As a local business owner, I know the importance of hard work and being able to concentrate on your local business and not some bureaucratic rule or regulation.”

“The left has worked to impose too many rules, constraints and higher taxes, creating a burden that destroys our companies and hurts workers in southwest Alabama. I want to make sure that we lower taxes and make it so companies can worry about their workers and not Washington”